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360-Degree Support On Beat Saber VR

If you’ve been following the steady launch of VR video games over the previous few years, you’ve got probably heard of Beat Saber: a frenetic, rhythm-based Lightsaber game that mixes up Guitar Hero-type gameplay with VR motion controls, giving us the Kylo Ren teen rocker simulator we never knew we wished.

Beat Saber launched to Early Access in May 2018 and rapidly gained a following for its fast-paced gameplay, excellent soundtrack, and lightsabers (folks love Lightsabers, okay?). Gamers wield a ‘Saber’ in each hand and whack incoming blocks to the beat of the music, although till now it is only head-on.

As reported by RoadtoVR, anybody who’s purchased Beat Saber on Oculus Quest, the most recent wireless VR headset from Oculus, will be capable of play the game in 360 Mode – which sends blocks towards you in random instructions for more challenging and chaotic experience. Already anxious you were flailing your arms around like a maniac? That is about to get worse.

The explanation it’s come to the Oculus Quest first is the headset’s six degrees of freedom (6DOF), which lets you extra fluidly control your perspective inside VR environments – compared to 3DOF, which does not allow for a full rotation. 6DOF is a feature available within the likes of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive already, although it is one thing that involves fruition in standalone headsets, without trailing cables potentially limiting your movement.

Whereas the game is already included in our guide to the best VR games, its latest update has shown just what builders can obtain when growing a game’s offering – even now that the game is technically out of Early Access.

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