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American Airlines apologize to black lady after crew members ask her to cover her body properly before boarding

American Airlines has apologized to a doctor after she was temporarily removed from a plane over her romper outfit. Dr. Tisha Rowe was boarding a Miami-bound flight from Kingston, Jamaica, en path to Houston when a flight attendant instructed her to get off till she covered up, CBS affiliate KHOU reported.

Rowe told KHOU that she was traveling along with her 8-yr-old son on June 30 when she was asked to step off the plane. As soon as off, she was advised to cover up or she would not be allowed back on. After failing to alter the crew’s mind, she asked for a blanket, wrapped it around herself and then walked down the airplane’s aisle to her seat.

“I’m, like, head down the whole time,” Rowe mentioned Wednesday. “I don’t want to see anybody’s face. I’m embarrassed. I am humiliated. I did not look up at even a single passenger.”

American Airlines rules say that passengers must “dress appropriately,” and bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed. Rowe stated the crew did not single out anyone else, even a woman who wearing smaller shorts.

“If I, being Leticia Rowe, was a white woman in that very same body go well with, in the event that they thought it is inappropriate, do I believe they might have removed that white girl from the aircraft?” she mentioned. “Absolutely not.”

She complained on Twitter in regards to the airline crew following the incident for apparently contemplating her shorts “too distracting.”a

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