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Attorneys General Target Google in New Antitrust Enquiry

Over 30 U.S. state attorneys general are preparing an investigation into Ahabet’s Google for possible antitrust breaches, a source knowledgeable about the probe said Tuesday.

Texas leads the team of 30-plus attorneys general, which plans to declare the investigation on Sept. 9, the source stated.

The probe is focused on the intersection of privacy and antitrust, according to the source.

Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general, filed comments including 42 different state delegates in June that urged the Federal Trade Commission to give attention to privacy and data assortment in investigating possible violations of antitrust law.

In the remark, the state delegates argued that the big tech companies have a lot of user data that it’s hard for newcomers to compete.

Another Texas delegate, Assistant Attorney General Jeff Mateer, alleged in an FTC hearing in June that Google and other big tech corporations were misleading in representing themselves as neutral, citing Google’s balking at carrying an advert about “what it means to be an American, the Texas attorney general’s office mentioned in a statement in June. Google eventually softened on the advert, the statement read.

The tech titans, among the wealthiest and most powerful corporations on the earth, are facing increasing antitrust scrutiny from Congress, federal agencies and now state attorneys general.

The Justice Division said in July that it was starting a broad investigation of major digital tech companies, focusing on if they engage in anti-competitive practices. The probe is believed to be aimed at Google, and Facebook, and probably Apple.