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Cloudflare Is Developing a Decentralized Internet Ecosystem

Web security provider Cloudflare is introducing the Ethereum Gateway to its Distributed Net Gateway toolbox enabling customers to interact with the Ethereum network without installing any software program. That is a part of Cloudflare’s Distributed Internet Gateway challenge to develop the decentralized internet ecosystem and improve its reliability, velocity, and ease of use.

As a substitute of downloading and cryptographically verifying hundreds of gigabytes of data — an impossible job for low-energy units and people with low technical obstacles to entry — the gateway enables any system with internet access to work together with the Ethereum network.

This setup will make it possible to discover the blockchain and add interactive elements to websites powered by Ethereum smart contracts. The gateway offers people the ability to place new contracts on Ethereum with having to run a node, as a result of Cloudflare will take a signed transaction and push it to the network thereby allowing miners to add it cryptographically.

Despite the value Cloudflare brings to gateway purchasers, the service is free. Nick Sullivan, Cloudflare’s Head of Cryptography, explains that this system “leverages the existing Cloudflare network, which already gives several free services.”

Sullivan notes it’s too young a system to introduce prices. However, there could also be revenue alternatives down the line.

“ETH and IPFS are large names in a tiny space — the crypto space. However, in broader viewers, they’re not very well-known, not commonly understood,” mentioned Sullivan. “Part of this announcement is to assist elevate the profile of those protocols… to resolve difficult issues with distributed computing.”

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