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Coronavirus Disrupts China’s 5G Deployment Projects

Government measures to include the spread of the coronavirus in China look set to delay the launch of next-generation 5G telecom networks, a key technology initiative for the nation’s leadership.Coronavirus Disrupts China's 5G Deployment Projects

Tenders for six significant 5G initiatives have been delayed since January 31, government records present. They include an industrial internet mission in Guangdong province, a hospital-related project in Jiangxi province, and a police-associated project in Gansu province.

Two leading suppliers of crucial fiberoptic cables also have headquarters and essential manufacturing amenities in Wuhan city,

Along with offering a lot faster internet connectivity, 5G promises to allow a slew of new technology services and products from self-driving automobiles to intelligent factories.

China has made 5G national precedence, aiming to have nationwide networks and services well ahead of other nations, and in 2019 it pressed telecom operators to speed up deployment.

Even after the epidemic, President Xi Jinping stated in early February that 5G investment would possibly have the ability to help balance the decline in consumer spending brought on by the coronavirus.

However, like other corporations in China, telecom gear companies and network operators are fighting with a logistical nightmare as travel and quarantine limitations cause staff shortages and impede the transportation of products.

Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock, one of two top fibreoptic cable manufacturers, based in Wuhan, stated in January it would rely on its plants in other regions of China to sustain production.