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Google Assistant Can Now Locate Your Parked Car

Google Assistant is tremendously powerful, and it’s most effective in going to get better with some of Google’s latest work. On the other hand, the move from Google Now noticed several helpful features ditched entirely. Now, Google Assistant is reviving a handy feature that recalls where you parked.

Highlighted via Android Police, a few customers have noticed a card in Google Assistant lately, which displays where they’ve parked their car. This doesn’t require any consumer interaction as the identical Google Maps feature does.

Just like with the previous Google Now feature, this will depend on your region history to estimate where you stopped driving and began walking. While it won’t pinpoint the site completely, especially in parking garages, it’s a handy option if you’ve been out for a long day and will remember that where you left the car in town.

Significantly, Google Assistant recognizes in case you manually saved your parking spot and can display that correct information on this card if it’s available. Android Police additionally explains that this doesn’t take note of Android Auto or Bluetooth to much more accurately know precisely when you’ve parked and gotten from your car.

Nonetheless, this automatic, completely effortless function is handy, and one thing we’re satisfied to look revived. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be back for everybody just yet. The service seems to be rolling out as a server-side change most commonly at random, so drop a comment under when you see it to your device.

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