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Huawei Allegedly Steals Data Secret to Assist Iran

U.S. prosecutors Thursday accused Huawei of stealing trade secrets and serving to Iran track protesters in its newest indictment against the Chinese firm, escalating the U.S. conflict with the world’s largest telecom gear manufacturer.

Huawei Allegedly Steals Data Secret to Assist Iran

In the indictment, which supersedes one unsealed in 2019 in federal court in Brooklyn, Huawei Technologies Co was charged with planning to steal trade secrets from six U.S. technology firms and to breach a racketeering law used to combat organized crime.

It contains new allegations regarding the firm’s involvement in nations subject to sanctions. Among several accusations, it says Huawei installed surveillance gear in Iran that was used to watch, identify, and detain protesters through the 2009 anti-government demonstrations in Tehran.

America has been pursuing a campaign against Huawei, which it has warned could spy on users for Beijing.

Washington placed the corporate on a trade blacklist in 2019, citing national security concerns.

The indictment is “part of an effort to irrevocably harm Huawei’s popularity and its business for reasons associated with competition rather than law enforcement,” Huawei mentioned in a statement.

Huawei pleaded not guilty to the earlier indictment dropped against a Chinese tech giant last January, which charged it with wire fraud, breaching sanctions against Iran, and obstructing justice.

Its chief financial officer (CFO) Meng Wanzhou was arrested in December 2018 in Canada on charges in that indictment, inflicting a turmoil in China and a chill in Canadian-Chinese relations.