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In the middle of the crisis, the sale of yerba is a record

Contrary to almost all sectors of the economy, the yerbatero closed the first quarter with the largest yerba mate office of the last five years destined for Argentine homes. Yerba is one of the foods that is most present in homes.

The mills declared before the National Institute of Yerba Mate (INYM) that a total of 65.1 million kilos went out to the commercial chains between January and March, 8.2% more than in the same period of 2018.

After a December with a marked decrease in sales, the mills began 2019 sending 20,513,238 kilos to the domestic market; and the following month they left another 21,648,629 kilos, and in March they were 22,999,478 kilos.

The same outlook is not observed in the external market. Is that the demand fell almost three million kilos in the first three months. Although it is a high number, industrialists trust that there will be a recovery in the coming months and close the year with a similar volume to last year, when they left 43 million kilos. The main markets remain the same: Syria, Lebanon and Chile.

This fall in external sales did not impact the sector, since this decrease was covered by a greater sale to the domestic market. And some mills are already paying producers prices above those fixed by the INYM to avoid running out of stock.

As it has been manifesting historically, the containers of half a kilo keep the preference of the consumers. During the month of March the half kilo packages represented 56.09% of the outputs of mills; and those of kilo were added to 37.06% of the preferences.

If you compare these figures with March of last year, it is observed that there were changes in the habits of consumers, who seek to economize over practicality. Is that there was a decline of 2% in the marketing of half kilo packages and an increase of 3.26% in kilo containers. Those of two kilos happened to have a participation of 1.86% of the market to 2.29%.

Last year the consumption of yerba mate closed with an increase of 0.77% in all its formats (packages, bags, soluble). Although it seems a smaller percentage, it implies that the Argentines took away from the gondolas 2,013,291 kilos more than in 2017, or 5,515 kilos per day.

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