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Iridium GO- Convert Smartphone to Satellite Phone For High Speed Internet

In case you are planning any journeys which might be off the grid and but still need access to smartphone and web, then you need to become acquainted with the Iridium satellite constellation. Orbiting roughly 485 miles above the earth, this network offers world phone and data coverage, no cell towers or Wi-Fi hotspots required!

There are several kits that permit you access to the Iridium system, and the most effective is the Iridium GO! Package. The basic package comes with the Iridium GO! the base station, carry case, and AC travel charger with international adapter, and is appropriate for individuals who have access to electrical energy.

It is priced at $699, however, keep in mind that there are further activation charges and a subscription plan to the Iridium network is required (and this may be quite costly).

The Iridium GO! Offers to 15.5 hours of standby battery life, and up to 5.5 hours of talk time.

For individuals who wish to go off-grid, there’s additionally a unique package that features not only the Iridium GO! a base station and AC travel charger with international adapter, but also comes with a solar charger, two batteries further, and a desktop charger. That is priced at a heftier $1,095.

If you need to be in communication when off the grid, this is the right package. Sure, it is costly, and the subscriptions add a great deal extra to the fee, however you are accessing a satellite network.

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