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Olympic Postponement Hampers Samsung’s Japan Olympic Objective

For Samsung Electronics, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics had been going to be its springboard to achieve a long-held objective- making vital inroads into Japan’s lucrative smartphone market where Apple dominates.

Olympic Postponement Hampers Samsung’s Japan Olympic Objective

However, after the Games had been delayed to 2021 because of  COVID-19 pandemic, the long-time sponsor’s marketing plans – focused on its new S20 smartphone now out too early – have gone awry.

The delay can also mean the South Korean tech titan has lost a crucial window of opportunity. It had been anticipated to promote its 5G capability in its Olympics adverts, aiming to draw a population excited to watch the Games with high-end technology before Apple had a 5G product on the market.

Former Samsung delegates and analysts stated Samsung will probably go back to the drawing board to advertise a brand new flagship phone due out next year.

When asked concerning the impact of the Olympics postponement on its strategy for the Japanese marketplace, Samsung declined to comment, saying solely it will continue to provide modern technology for Japanese prospects regardless of when the Games begin.

Samsung would be the world’s  #1 smartphone manufacturer by volume; nevertheless, it has a fraction of the Japanese marketplace.

In contrast, Apple, which first started selling the iPhone in Japan back in 2008, gained stakes due to a competitive advertising and pricing campaign from SoftBank – at the time its sole distributor.