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ShapeMeasure Launches Innovative Tool to Alleviate Measuring and Cutting Pain

ShapeMeasure hopes to reduce that pain with a device that automatically measures space and a robotic mill that cuts the necessary lumber precisely to size, shortening, and easing the process by huge amounts.

ShapeMeasure Launches Innovative Tool to Alleviate Measuring and Cutting Pain

Founder and CEO Ben Blumer, who was exposed to the art of constructing and fix early by his father, a regular contractor, had a brainwave that turned into a company during some renovations of his personal.

“I was surprised to see our flooring installer, who had a decade of experience, and was glorious at what he did, take over an hour to install a single stair,” Blumer stated. “I began thinking, ‘a bit of technology might go a long way here.”

Discovering himself at the time free to work on such a venture, he recruited a former general contractor pal and utilized to HAX, which soon delivered them to Shenzhen to pursue their idea.

The main situation is stairs: they’re tricky, and particularly in older homes can be pretty off-kilter. So though one knows each stair is around 35 inches wide, it is likely to be 35 and 3/64 inches, while the next one could be 34 and 61/64.

Likewise, the angles could be ever so barely off the 90 degrees or whatever what they theoretically ought to be. Painstakingly measuring every single stair and manually chopping wooden to those many slightly different sizes is extraordinarily time-consuming.

The device they settled on is essentially a super-precise lidar that measures around itself in a wide arc, and the precise details of which comprise a part of the corporation’s secret sauce.