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Sony Ericsson Will Now Develop Anti-Pick Pocket Feature for Smartphones

In case you’ve spent a considerable sum of cash on a smartphone, you don’t need a cheeky thief to swipe it right out of your pocket, and smartphones sooner or later may need a handy feature that stops them doing just that – or, a minimum of, makes it so much tougher for them to pick your pocket.

A patent filed by Swedish telecom firm Ericsson (which you might know from the Sony Ericsson phones), shows new tech that smartphones could use to become a lot, harder to steal – in theory.

The technology would recognize who was holding a smartphone from their heartbeat – and if somebody unauthorized were holding the smartphone, it would enter ‘low-friction’ mode.

In ‘low-friction’ mode, the smartphone would vibrate rapidly, making it quite a bit tougher for potential thieves to pick up – in effect, it becomes too slippery to pick up quickly. The tech additionally features a ‘hi-friction’ mode, so while you’re holding your smartphone, it is a lot less likely to slip out of your palms and fall to the ground.

In theory, ‘low-friction’ mode would assist stop pesky pickpockets pinching your smartphone right out of your pocket, providing you with that additional level of safety when you’re in a busy crowd – of course it will not assist in case your smartphone is stolen in another way, however it nonetheless could be a helpful feature.

Though the patent was only recently found, it was filed in February, so smartphone makers have had a few months to think about including it to their handsets, however with the lengthy manufacturing cycles of phones, even when handsets do end up using the tech it might be a number of months before we see smartphones with this anti-robber technology.

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