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Trump handled dictator pressure better than Obama

During a single visit to Asia, Donald Trump embraced not one, not two, but three dictators. He grew to become the first American president to set foot in North Korea, where he praised his “nice friendship” with North Korea’s despotic leader, Kim Jong Un; he held another press availability with  President Putin, where Trump joked about Russia’s interference in American elections; and he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, calling him “one of the nice leaders in 200 years.” Oh, and before leaving, he mentioned that he could be prepared to meet Iran’s leaders with “no preconditions.”

If Barack Obama had carried out any of this as president, conservatives would be howling with outrage. So why are they not mad at Trump? Easy. Because in contrast to Obama, Trump is taking a tough line with North Korea, Russia, China and Iran. And what he does matters much more than what he says.

Obama didn’t merely embrace anti-American tyrants; he showered them with cash and diplomatic concessions.Obama gave the Cuban regime diplomatic recognition and sanctions relief in trade for absolutely nothing. Cuba responded by increasing its repression of dissidents on the island.

Obama tried to meet with Iran’s president Rouhani, but the Iranian leader rejected his request. Nonetheless, Obama cut a nuclear deal that gave the regime billions of dollars in sanctions relief — money Iran then used to fuel terrorism and Shiite expansionism throughout the Middle East.

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