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Twitter Tags Doctored Video of Biden Retweeted by Trump as Manipulated

Twitter Sunday utilized its new “manipulated media” tag for the first time on a video clip of U.S. Democratic prez hopeful Joe Biden that was retweeted by Republican Prez Trump.

Twitter Tags Doctored Video of Biden Retweeted by Trump as Manipulated

The video, which was uploaded Saturday by White House social media director Dan Scavino, showed Biden mumbling on a speech in Kansas City, Missouri, in which he mentioned the words “Excuse me. We can re-elect Donald Trump.”

Biden’s full sentence, which was edited by the clip, was “Excuse me. We can only re-elect Donald Trump if, in fact, we get engaged in this round firing squad. It’s gotta be a positive campaign, so be a part of us.”

Twitter employed its new policy, which tags tweets with manipulated or synthetic media similar to deepfakes or more manually edited videos, on March 5.

The label was applied on Sunday afternoon; however, Twitter stated it was not showing when people looked for the tweet or clicked into it, only when it was seen in timelines. A Twitter spokesperson stated the corporate was working on a fixture.

Social media networks are under stress to police misleading or false information on their platforms ahead of the U.S. prez election November, wherein Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders are feuding to be the Democratic nominee to stand against Republican President Trump.

The video, which had around 5.8 million views on Twitter at the time of writing, was posted on Scavino’s Facebook page, where it had nearly one million views.