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VR is an upcoming trend in Las Vegas

LA- Walk into the Linq on the Las Vegas strip nowadays, and you won’t instantly realize you just stepped right into a casino.

As an alternative, you’ll stumble across a series of living-room-like lounge setups, complete with leather couches, large-screen TVs, Xbox Ones and Oculus Go VR headsets. There’s additionally a bar with a large wrap-around contact display screen for casual social video games, an augmented reality game of Rock Paper Scissors, and an eSports lounge.

In the course of it all are six virtual reality (VR) bays, operated by Los Angeles-based VR start-up Survios, that provide access to VR video games like Creed, Raw Data, and, coming soon, The Walking Dead: Onslaught. Geared up with high-end VR headsets, projectors and clear glass walls, these VR stations are designed to attract a crowd, a lot in the same way a craps table does in your typical casino floor.

The Linq formally unveiled the VR rig this month, however, had been working on integrating new technologies into its space for a while, explained Caesars Entertainment executive VP Christian Stuart. “We began about 18 months ago, determined that we wanted to innovate the casino environment, and go after folks that are digital in nature.”

On the identical time, casinos like the Linq also see VR as only one piece of the puzzle as a method to appeal to a brand new generation of tech-savvy customers, who may finally spend their cash on other things as well – including good previous slot machine games.

“We think it’s going to retain individuals longer,” stated Stuart. “We do plan to make revenue off of VR. But it doesn’t have to be the one factor that we capture dollars off.”

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